About Exertia

Here is something you've almost certainly sensed at one point or another, although you may not have put it into the same words: In this modern age there is a gap between what we do with our bodies and what our bodies were meant to do.

We spend an inordinate amount of time at our computers or being controlled by technology, when our bodies were supposed to be running, hunting, foraging, and fighting.

In the past this gap couldn't be helped. But now, we should be making our technology work for us.

So that's what Exertia is doing.

We are a small team with combined experience in engineering, software, manufacturing, product design, coordination and logistics, and customer relations.

We are based in Canterbury, Kent, and have been developing our first product (the Joyride) for just under twelve months.

All of us here believe that what you do in your daily life - be it work or play - should be healthy for you by default. We are developing our products to solve what we see as a serious 'lifestyle problem' of modern society.

We are motivated not just by our ideals, but by the facts: there is a health crisis growing worldwide - not just obesity, but depression, anxiety and many other issues all associated with our modern lifestyle. In Britain, our NHS is struggling under the weight. We believe we can help. We would like to make a real difference.

We are also excited by the opportunities of emerging VR technology. Currently the logistical issues of VR travel are a real constraint. But when the ability to travel infinite distances in virtual reality is widespread, you will see an explosion of new development and a true exploration of VR's potential. We think we have a great solution and would like to offer the industry our assistance.

We are based in the Kentish countryside, just outside of Canterbury.

Our address is Exertia, Albion Works, Church Lane, Barham, Canterbury, Kent, CT4 6QS

To get in contact, please use the 'contact us' button at the bottom of any page on this site.