Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of games can I play on the Joyride?

Anything. The sky's the limit.

While the obvious first thoughts are cycling tours and 3D platformers, there's really no limit to how far some creative use of the Joyride can take you.

We see opportunities for everything from smartphone-based 'workout' games, to interactive experiences using Google Daydream technology (or equivalent), to PC games based on all-new mechanics and principles, and finally to a new universe of possibilities arising from VR+Joyride combinations.

We are very keen to make sure there's something for all ends of the spectrum - from avid players to people who wouldn't think of themselves as 'gamers' at all.

Can I play the games I already like to play?

Yes. You can map any output of the bike to any keyboard or mouse combo. So you can, for example, walk in World of Warcraft by pedalling slowly, and run by pedalling quickly.

As well as recording steering and bi-directional pedalling, the bike has a full selection of buttons and thumb sticks on its handlebars. You will even be able to use your regular computer, with the aid of an onscreen keyboard or gesture-based input.

Actually I have an idea for a game...

Fantastic! Tell us all about it using the contact form at the bottom of the page.

I'm a game developer - can I make and sell games for the Joyride?

Of course you can. Read this page for more details.

I'm really not very fit, will it be too hard for me?

I'm already quite fit, will it be too easy for me?

The Joyride is suitable for people with any level of fitness.

You can turn pedal resistance up or down, and the game's difficulty will be scaled accordingly. Find your own comfort level, or turn resistance off entirely. As your fitness improves, you can dial the games up to match.

Can I customise it to make it comfortable?

Yes - the seat and pedals are standard bicycle parts and can be swapped for the ones you prefer.

The bike itself is very adjustable and can be a touring bike or a racing bike depending on your preference or the game you're playing.

Will the Joyride fit in with my existing workstation? Even if I have a very tiny and cluttered room?

The frame takes up less space than a chair would. The bike base takes up less than a square metre of floor space. The frame and base can be separated for compact storage, and it's quick and convenient to assemble them together again.

You're talking about using Joyride with my smartphone, or a VR headset, but where will I put those things while I'm riding?

You will be able to mount fixtures around the handles or above the fan. These can be used to hold things, for example, a smartphone, a tablet, a keyboard, or a VR headset and touch controllers.

Will the Joyride actually help me become healthy?


Our crucial innovation is that the act of 'relaxing' can be physically demanding. It just can't require willpower.

Other forms of exercise make demands on you. They set you goals and targets. They're unpleasant, at least initially. And you can't build an exercise habit if doing it every day is an ordeal.

The Joyride is a bit of fun, no different to playing on a PC or console. If the prospect of climbing on your bike to unwind is a pleasant one, you'll do it without friction. It won't be work, it's play.

Are you sure playing games will help me get fit?

Very definitely yes.

Cycling has been shown to boost aerobic fitness, build muscle, increase energy levels, increase lung capacity, and reduce stress. It is recommended as a general use exercise suitable for all people of all ages because it's so accessible and pedalling produces so little impact on your joints.

Cycling-while-gaming has proved to keep people exercising significantly more often and for longer than simply cycling alone or with passive entertainment. Research with children actually shows that they are six times more likely to take to exercise if it involves a video game.

And if you bundle all this good stuff up and get it from a source of joy that sits in your house and is available whenever you want it? Yes, you will get fit.

Will it help me lose weight?

Probably yes, with an asterisk:

Our consulting personal trainer notes that some people tend to decide that, because they've exercised more, they can eat more to compensate. Fair's fair: if you start bingeing on burgers because you've bought a Joyride, you're unlikely to lose weight.

We are also told that if your current lifestyle is already very active and your metabolism is already geared for that, then further exercise might not change you very much. But if you're in that situation, you're fit enough already! (If you have a very active lifestyle and you still wish to lose weight, changing your diet is apparently the way to go.)

But, all else being equal: if you're a sedentary or merely 'normal' person and you buy a Joyride and use it regularly - without eating more to compensate - then yes, you will lose weight.

We could have just answered "yes," but we wanted you to know the full picture.

Ah, but will it bring me happiness on a deep, spiritual level?

Actually... yes.

Exercise is associated with good mental health in all sorts of ways. Exercise treats depression "as effectively as antidepressant medication - but without the side-effects." Exercise cures anxiety, especially when the brain is engaged as well as just the body. Exercise treats stress, as well as breaking the cycles that cause it. Exercise is recommended as one of the easiest and most effective ways to reduce the symptoms of ADHD. Apparently it can even help with PTSD by "unsticking" the nervous system.

In other news, you'll sleep better at night and be more energetic during the day. People have been found to have sharper memories as well as feeling more positive about themselves. Exercise improves concentration, motivation, mood, focus, attention. Exercise amps up your energy, your resiliance and your self esteem. There are the social benefits, of confidence and attractiveness. There's that whole thing where you live longer and break down less.

We could just keep talking but it's almost embarassing at this point. Point is: exercise good.

Can I buy one now?

Good things come to those who wait. We are still in development right now, adding as many features and improvements as we can.

We are planning to launch a crowdfunding campaign in 2019, in which you'll be able to buy your Joyride.

I heard crowdfunding campaigns sometimes don't succeed?

Which is why you can help us, by joining in and telling everyone you know about our project.

Having more people following us doesn't just improve the chances of a crowdfunding success, it also means more interest from companies and developers - which leads to a better selection of games and apps for everyone.

So if I can't buy one yet, what can I do now?

Give us your email! We will let you know as things develop and you will have first pick when we start production.