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Get fit, and then stay fit, without even noticing.

Experience the most immersive games and experiences you've ever known.

Life's a Game

Imagine how good games will get when you can physically move through them. Whatever your preference, there's something for everyone.

Imagine being able to...

  • ...ride through picturesque landscapes and visit all the places you've never been.
  • ...run and jump over platforms and obstacles in the first person.
  • ...play online team matches as part of a crack squad of highly trained members.

Imagine how high the emotions will run in a physical Super Mario Kart race. Imagine the adrenaline rush of literally fleeing for your life from scary monsters.

We can't even pretend to know all the things you'll soon be able to do. The possibilities are endless and the VR industry is only in its nascence - and getting better every year.

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Fit for Purpose

Whoever you are, the Joyride will make you fit.

A footballer will run much, much farther than a jogger - and yet afterwards, the jogger is one who will feel more tired.

The jogger has nothing to think about besides his burning muscles. The footballer is playing a game, for fun. His body and mind are working together, both focussed on acheiving a goal.

At a certain point everyone runs out of willpower and needs to relax. But crucially - the act of 'relaxing' can still be physically demanding. It just can't require willpower.

At Exertia we believe that you're doing exercise wrong if you even notice that you're doing it at all.

Play is the correct way to use your body. Play is what comes most naturally to us. We see it in children, we see it throughout the animal kingdom.

The Joyride is about play. Don't think about exercise. Just play games.

You'll get fit without even noticing.

You can get going with nothing but a smartphone

Just sit down, mount the phone on the handlebars, and you're off.

Welcome to the world of smartphone VR

The phone in your pocket is already capable of transporting you into a fully three dimensional virtual world. No one's been able to make real use of phone-based VR before, but the Joyride changes that. Buy a simple headset and experience VR in your own home.

The Joyride works with any computer or device

Explore the gaming possibilities further with the full power of your PC or console. The Joyride can connect via USB or Bluetooth, just like any other modern accessory.

Say goodbye to your sedentary lifestyle - without changing a thing

Play all your existing games without leaving the saddle. The Joyride can be configured on a game-by-game basis, and you can map any output of the bike to any keyboard or mouse combo.

Be at the frontier of modern gaming

The Joyride coupled with a high-end PC and a modern VR headset allows unprecedented levels of immersion. Are you Ready, Player One?

Our Roadmap

The Joyride is currently in development. We have proved our concept. We have developed a working model and played games with it. We are now in the process of developing an improved prototype and adding all the extra features we can think of to make it as cool as possible.

We are planning to finance our first manufacturing run through pre-orders, probably via a Kickstarter campaign in 2019. We will release details and pricing closer to that date.

So if I can't buy one yet, what can I do now?

Give us your email! We will let you know as things develop and you will have first pick when we start production.

Also, if you are a games developer who sees the possibilities, or a journalist who would like to write about us, please get in contact at the bottom.